Blood donation at MRFC this Thursday.

It's the fashionable thing to do, these days. It seems every day I look in the paper, there's another blood drive going on! That's really good to see - normally over the summer months, during the mass-exodus, the blood bank levels get very low, and so the need for donors is increased.
Donating blood is a tiring thing, and so it's best done on a day when you can relax (and not have to work!).

The Rugby Club is situated very close to the ABA school in Al Khuwair, and the blood drive is between 10 AM and 1 PM tomorrow. Here is a map to the Club House:

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Blood donation at MRFC this Thursday. Blood donation at MRFC this Thursday. Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, September 01, 2010 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Can somebody pls post the weight/other medical requirements?

Delirious in the Desert said...

Any idea if it is in the clubhouse or a mobile van/unit?


Anonymous said...

It's in the clubhouse :)

Undercover Dragon said...

I just wish I could say that they can use it for women in child birth, young children, old people in need, etc, yet deny it to be used for supporting speeding wanker 20 year olds injured in car accidents..

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