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Last night was the launch of the new club, Zouk (Official Facebook page here). Located on the grounds of the Crowne Plaza, it's just up the road from Rock Bottom and is a breath of fresh-air for the Muscat night club scene. The entrance is in the smaller car park - take a right when you drive into the hotel - there's a sign, you can't miss it.

I was impressed with the place - it's a very modern and nicely laid out lounge bar. There was lot of seating dotted around the place (something I find bars never have enough of) and the bar itself was split into two lengths either side of a column - a good 10-15 meters of bar space. Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself. I didn't take too many pictures because I was genuinely having a great time, free beer can do that to me, what can I say - it was a cool party ambience.

There is a large VIP section off to the right with many comfortable looking red couches - I didn't venture over there, but knowing how popular the VIP area is at the Copa, I'm sure people will flock to it. There was also another private bar in the VIP section too.

The VIP Section

The sound system was actually really very good - for the audiophiles out there, it's a Wharfdale professional system and the sound engineer was flown in from London. I had few problems hearing people when in conversation with them and enjoyed the music while having some great conversations. I have to say I'm rather jealous of the lady I was talking to that had a Ferrari California ordered and was expecting delivery in September - and I forgot to ask the colour - Red, or Yellow?

Watch out when you head to the toilets - there is a step-up into them from the corridor outside. Now I just had to take a picture of the toilet, it was great! I think that wins the award for best toilet in a bar in Oman! I don't think I've ever taken a picture of a toilet in a bar before, but I thought it was cool.

What a fancy toilet!
TV's in the back of the toilet doors!
Now, the hard facts:

The beer is all bottles, no draft. Bottles cost RO 2.5 (with some costing RO 2.7). Martini's and Cocktails cost between RO 3.3 and RO 4.5 per drink, and there is obviously also various spirits and wines available both by the measure and by the bottle. Soft drinks are fountain drinks - no cans that I saw (except Red Bull), and there is also a food menu as well.

The cost of entry is RO 20 per couple. This RO 20 is then credited to you in drinks which you can have in the club before paying more money - a great concept and one I hope proves successful. It's going to be a bit rough for those that do not drink, or just wanted to have one or two drinks - but I think it's a great idea, and time will tell if it's a popular one.

When you enter, you are given a smart card with RO 20 credit on it, when it's used up, you can then choose to buy more drinks, or not. For single ladies, there is no cover charge (but not smart card either) to enter the club. For groups of people, there is also no problem, but the RO 20 only applies to couples, it is unclear what a "third wheel" will have to pay, I imagine, either nothing with no smart card, RO 10, or RO 20 - I'm not sure. The focus of the club is for couples, not singles, but let's see how things go.

The doors open at 8.00 tonight, and close at 2.30.

Daz, hard at work

le fin.
Zouk review Zouk review Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. I was there last night and had a rockin time. I liked the attention to detail and the modern "real world" lounge feel. I didn't like almost sprawling face first onto the ladies room floor after tripping on the unmarked step


  2. Well, its about time Misvcat had a new club, but, and again I am saying BUT, I hope Zouk maintains its reputation because I noticed over here club opens and become very popular and then end up with too many single men adn couple then move on to other places where they can find other couples cos they dont want to harrassed by single men....so here's to Zouk

  3. Actually... I think it's December not September. And black - my colour of choice every time! (I like to be different). ;-)

    A sign on the door of the toilets saying "Mind the Step" really WOULD be very welcome.

    Great place otherwise, can't wait to go and party there again.


  4. ahhh BLACK! Now I feel silly.... ;)

    Yup, the bathroom step is certainly a hazard people need to watch out for!

    And I hope Zouk maintains it's standards. Tonight's opening should be fun!

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. 20 riyal is a joke. This is Oman not Paris. Even in the best clubs in London and Paris we don't pay that to get in. Please....this is a bad idea. Have a membership if you don't want certain clients....but what about all those filipina prostitutes will they still be getting in FREE...they ruin all the clubs in muscat...am tired of it.

  6. the prostitutes are not filipinas , they are thais!

  7. Anonymous @ 11:03 PM -

    It's RO 20 to get in, and then you have a RO 20 credit behind the bar. There is no cover charge, you're just paying up front for your drinks.

  8. Ouu thanks for the review :) Must check it out on the weekends to come, hopefully then I will be able to contribute with a few comments of my own.

  9. Security did not explain anything. Pay 20 OMR for a couple or 20 OMR for a single guy. I was with my GF and business associate. So 40 OMR for us 3 to get in? 40 OMR is redeemable at the bar? So what! My GF never has more than 1 drink I limit my drinks to no more than 2 (max) since I am driving. This policy makes it ...impossible to get that money back, or go to jail/die driving drunk.

    I agree that there are way too many young, rude, single guys who do nothing but gawk and/or cause a problems. They dance by themselves (boy groups) and try to cut in. BTW, they need to keep their hands to themselves. AND STOP asking how much. If you want a hooker go to Ruwi and find and ugly Chinese girl. In the "good old days" no guys without a girl were allowed to dance. Where is security?

    I would suggest that they let the ladies in free, charge 10 OMR for a cover and provide 2 "free" drinks at the bar of your choice. Until then, I will be at the Intercon or Safari. RB has gotten out of hand.

  10. @Anonymous and other Anonymous:
    It's quite unfair to label any girl - Filipinas or Thais - to be prostitutes because I've been in this club and there are Arab women prancing around half naked! Any person can go in and have a good time. One thing I totally noticed is one OLD Omani (totally know because he's wearing a dishdashia) chasing a teenage girl around the dance floor - now THAT is the kind of person to be thrown out.

  11. can i ask if it just for a couples? or single can enter also?

    because i remember they are not aloud for a singles to join with out a G/F or B/F


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