New nightclub in Muscat: Zouk

Some of you may have heard about the new night club opening up at the Crowne Plaza here. It's called Zouk, and it opens to the public tomorrow (Wednesday July 21st) night at 8:30pm. Tonight, there is a special VIP launch event with free drinks. I'm going to check it out and will write a review for Wednesday.

Here's what I know already though: It will be RO 20 per couple at the door, but then you have that RO 20 credited to your account and you can charge it against food and drink inside. A novel concept, and hopefully one that will prove popular.

The VIP tickets (so generously gifted to me by the omni-present Darren from Hi FM) came in a DVD box, which contained a CD. The CD has a great 1 hour mix of House music on it, by dj rita x.craft (Portuguese dj). And the great news is that she'll be visiting the club within the next 2 months for a few live sets, so if you're a fan of house music, watch this space.

Now for the well-travelled readers amongst you, you may be wondering if this venue has anything to do with the Zouk mega-clubs in Singapore and K-L. No, this has no link at all to them.

Stay tuned for the review tomorrow.

le fin.
New nightclub in Muscat: Zouk New nightclub in Muscat: Zouk Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Rating: 5


Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Cool! Will definitely check it out too!

Ripstop said...

Let's hope it aspires to it's famous Singaporean namesakes reputation!!
Zouk Sing is totally awesome!
I hope this doesn't degenerate and become (or start out like) the usual testosterone fuelled meat zones we have to put up with here!

Anonymous said...

its gonna suck coz muscat is a big sausage fest

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