Just a Quickie: WH Smiths now open in Oman

Just a quick one today.

Hopefully you all had a nice weekend :)

@blue_chi tweeted a picture today which was a bit of a surprise to me:

WH Smith is now open, in Oasis by the Sea (where Pizza Express is) Jawharat A Shatti (where Darcy's Kitchen is) in Shatti. I'm going to take a look at it later, to see if they have any books. I wonder if this will be much competition to Borders? It's certainly in a pretty handy location.

Burger King still is not open by the way.

le fin.

Edited: Thanks Loola for updating us on where it is. Muscat's very own Jet Driver (author of the amusing Omani Space Program stories - part 1 & 2 - one does wonder what Nasser Bin Tumoon has to say about what the astronauts like to eat when in space) has just updated us that the Turtles location at the airport has also been converted to a WH Smith. I wonder if the Intercon has been changed too?
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Loola said...

Hi :)

It's actually in Jawharat A Shatti, in place of where Turtles used to be.


Anonymous said...

It's nothing special - in fact, it's an ugly, open mini-mart looking place with paperback books racked up on the walls and the visual emphasis now on the candy, snacks and sundries. No more enticing displays to linger over, as there were when it was Turtles. There may be more popular mass-market books to choose from, but the space couldn't be more unattractive and unwelcoming. Too bad Turtles left.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is owned by the same people who owned turtles. All other turtle stores will become WHSmith

Anonymous said...

They don't even have any of the current
bestsellers. Their top 3rd title is John
Grisham's Associate publihsed over a year
ago. That too an edition to be sold in India
only. They have cleaverly covered " for sale
in India only" printed on top of the book with
some kind of black sticky tape !!!

Sythe said...

Thanks for the updates everyone :)

Does anyone know if they are planing to expand?

gg said...

Great. The more competition the better. Can you say PRICE WARS. Esp. at Xmas, Eid and Ramadan ! The more shops the better. It is a shame to see one company dominate. Imagine if there was ONLY Starbucks. EEEK...

Expats should be celebrating the opening of another bookshop.

Maybe more people are reading and how great is that !

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