Australia 2 - Oman 1

Commiserations to the Oman team.

However, to play on the world stage, I believe that accurate feedback is the only way to improve. I've already seen and heard people saying, oh, it was a great effort, only lost by a goal.

Except that doesn't really quite paint the whole story, does it?

To say that Oman had a 1 man advantage for 75 minutes of the game, yet failed to capitalize on that advantage speaks volumes. The only goal Oman scored was a result of that 15th minute penalty which netted them the advantage and a goal from a penalty kick.

Oman's strikers clearly need some practice, they must of had a dozen shots at goal, mostly in the second half, yet failed to score - mind you, goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer pulled off some incredible saves. Whereas Australia, with 1 man down, not only replied to Oman's opening goal, but clinched it with a goal in the 82nd minute.

There was also the incident with some local supporter who clearly threw (thanks anon!) his toys out of the pram and resorted to throwing a firework onto the pitch in a presumed attempt to wound/injure some of the Australian players. The question must be asked - how, exactly, did the firework get into the stadium? Seeing as the stadium security will not even let you bring cigarettes (and quite rightly so) or even water (wtf?). Not only do they not allow you to bring water in, they also do not have water for sale in the stadium. Immensely stupid, especially given the heat here. I remember at the Gulf Cup hearing of people collapsing from dehydration in the stands.

All in all, a bit of an embaressment for Oman really - the strikers should all be reprimanded for their terrible accuracy. I wonder how the local press is going to spin this? :)

Well done Australia!
Australia 2 - Oman 1 Australia 2 - Oman 1 Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, November 15, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. Got to agree with you, the firecracker incident was appalling and given the searches when you enter the stadium, how the hell did they get them in?

    Shwarzer was amazing and Oman had a heap of shots at goal but just couldn't convert...but man Oman (had to do it!) those boys in red are fast!!! :)

    I am stoked at the moment, win by the All Whites over Bahrain & Socceroos prevail!

  2. Wow...didn't know you can't bring in cigs or water in Oman. Hopefully the team will perform better against Brasil....finger crossed!

  3. DITD - I'd love to know how they snuck them in. I suspect the answer lies with lax security guards not doing their job properly.

    AIIM - Welcome to my blog - lets hope Oman fares better against Brasil. I wonder what the Brasilian team will be?

    Hopefully more people buy tickets to the game, seeing as the stadium was half empty last night...

  4. Thanks, i recently opened a blog too, check it out if you have time.
    Re football games people are not used to buy tickets but i believe that is the way forward to improve the game and make it more professional.

  5. 'threw the toys" gramma lesson over!
    Go the Aussies!!

  6. Oh dear... my english is'nt as good as it should be.... thanks for the grammer lesson anon!

  7. Getting water in (at least if you are a chick): wear an abaya and what they call a gashwa (buy in UAE) veil. They will not search you lol.

    I go to Football and Handball matches all the time and my secret was wear a veil (I usually don't--- though once upon a time I did so for religious reasons) and drank my red bull and water under the veil no problems.

    Please, no wacked out terrorist use my hydration tip and spoil both the water (and the face veil) for honest normal (don't like to blow ourselves up) women.


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