The rain.

Well it's been raining the last few days as I'm sure we all know now. And I've finally found time to write a blog post, sorry about the month off!

The NCCD (National Committee for Civil Defence) even went to the lengths of sending out text messages warning people not to go into wadi's. The Ministry of Education decided to close all the schools on Sunday, and the Muscat Daily paper even ran a heart-wrenching story about a 16 year old boy that lost his dad and two of his dads colleagues in Al Amerat.

A panoramic shot of the Amerat road

A larger picture showing the destruction on the Amerat road

Official figures quoted in some of the papers have been hovering around the 10-20 deaths mark, however, I can reveal today that Contracting company NCC (National Construction Company) working on an access road to a housing development near Quriyat (in a bizarre twist of fate, the development was to replace houses lost in Gonu) have reported 30 men missing. They were working on the access road as a night shift on Saturday night. No trace of them can be found, which presumably means that they are either dead, or decided to do a runner from the Contractor. I believe at this moment in time they are presumed dead.

So, please everyone, make sure you're careful out there - but I think the worst of the rain has been and gone now!

I wonder if we'll get Saturday off as a holiday in light of the Islamic new year?

le fin.


Saturday is a holiday for both Public and Private Sectors :)

New Hijri Year – Holiday

The decision allowed employers and employees to agree on work arrangements if necessity arises.

Muscat, Dec 14 (ONA)--- Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser al Bakri, Manpower Minister today issued a ministerial decision ceasing work at private sector companies and establishments on Saturday December 19th 2009, on the occasion of the Holy Prophet's Hijra Anniversary and the new Hijri year 1431 A.H.

All employees of the private sector extended their heartfelt greetings to His Majesty and wished him good health, happiness and a long life and the Omani people welfare and prosperity.

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  1. Well it was said on Oman Forum today that we do get the day off, so it MUST be true ;)

  2. Would it be stupid to ask, bearing in mind that on several reliable weather websires it said it would rain late afternoon/evening....why didn't they cancel/change location of the night shift?

    Will there be an investigation re corperate manslaughter?

  3. It really sucks that the employer didn't give the guys the night off, also sucks that they lacked the backbone or ability to tell their employer they were not going to be working that night... Sucks all around!

  4. DITD - Well I guess we got the holiday because we've got Saturday off :) Another point for OF!
    Anon - I dont know if there will be an investigation into NCC, but there should be.
    AIO - Totally, Management, in my mind, should not of had people working if they knew a storm was coming in.


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