Emergency at the Airport...

This morning a drill was held in The Wave site area for what to do if there's a plane crash. The Army ran the drill. Tyres were burned to simulate a crashed airplane and then the support services practiced what they'd do if there was an emergency. So Fire, Ambulance and the regular police all carried out roles in the exercise.

Update: Oman Air's website has published this exercise on their website, presumably as a part of the test.

In other news, the Australian football team arrived today ahead of tomorrow's match against Oman. They landed this morning and presumably saw the drill... heh.

The Muscat Magpies, the Aussie Rules football team here in Muscat, face down the Dubai Heat today at the Muscat Rugby Club's field at 3pm.

Thats all for now :)

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boxster said...

according to muscat daily the aussie team has been here for a few days already, training and adjusting to the time difference. it would be unreasonable for them to arrive the day before the game.

Sythe said...

You make a good point. Perhaps it was part of the support team, I dunno.

Undercover Dragon said...

Another PR victory for the Wave!

Sythe said...

heh, UD, indeed ;)

I especially liked the Jet Drivers picture... :)

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