Saturday, September 19, 2009
So what's going on during Eid?

Firstly, reading the Oman Observer today, apparently the boys that look at the moon reckon they are not going to sight the new moon tonight, which means that if they sight it tomorrow, then Eid will start on Tuesday, not Monday. But time will tell I guess.

So now that we are sufficiently confused about when Eid will be, everyone have a great week off.

Additionally -

City Cinema - Ruwi to re-open on first day of Eid. (source)

The much-awaited and Oman’s most preferred City Cinema, Ruwi, will reopen on the first day of Eid, adorning a grand new look in a brand new style!

The City Cinema, Ruwi, part of Oman Arab Cinema, is truly a grand feast for all the senses packed with loads of excitement ahead.

Oman’s favourite Bollywood haunt in Muscat, now in an exclusive new décor, fully refurbished and renovated that boasts some of the plushest of features. Complete, from corner-to-corner, the City Cinema, Ruwi now puts some of the most exclusive features in place that make a perfect entertainment statement.

With brand new interiors, exclusive new platinum class area, separate utility for platinum class, appetising variety in beverages and snacks and multiple ticketing counters and more, City Cinema, Ruwi, is all poised to make a super hit.

Come Eid and the people of Muscat can actually be there to feel the difference! City Cinema, Ruwi, introduces a new and revised price structure over three different ticket categories, viz. Silver Class for RO1.200, Gold Class for RO2.000 and Platinum for RO2.500, which would be effective from the day the City Cinema, Ruwi reopens. The brand new ergonomic seating coupled with enough leg room, will enhance the viewing pleasure.

So the cinema will be open again on Monday or Tuesday... :)

le fin


Balqis said...

if at least two persons do not see it tonite then the month of shawwal starts on monday

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