Awesome Awadhi Delights at Mumtaz Mahal

Running until the end of this week is the Awadhi Delights menu at Mumtaz Mahal. Awadhi food is generally slowly cooked in a large pot on a low heat - its pretty tasty stuff.

Mumtaz Mahal is still, and to be fair has always been, one of my favourite Indian restaurants in the city. There's obviously many out there to choose from, but I find Mumtaz offers reliable quality, great views, and a nice cold beer to wash everything down with - its a great place to take visitors I find. That, and I personally prefer North Indian food, and I find most Indian restaurants here do not cater to that.

If you're looking for something to do one of these evenings this week, I highly recommend dining out on the terrace at Mumtaz while the weather is still ok.

Mumtaz Mahal is open for lunch and dinner every day (12-3 and 7-11). You can call them on 2460 5979 or 2460 7103 for reservations.

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Awesome Awadhi Delights at Mumtaz Mahal Awesome Awadhi Delights at Mumtaz Mahal Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 Rating: 5

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