Time for another radio survey

The long weekend is just a few short hours away, and hopefully you all have plans to make the most of the 3 day weekend - and to celebrate the new year if it is for you. If you have not heard by now, Virgin Radio will be launching here in Muscat sometime next month. They are testing their transmission on their new frequency 100.9 FM (currently off, but its on and off these days in testing) and longer term readers of ze blog will know I have been conducting annual surveys on radio stations listener trends with the audience of this blog for years.

Now that a new radio station (Virgin) is about to enter the fray, I thought it was time to conduct another quick radio poll. Everything is totally anonymous and I will share the results of the survey in a week or two after I've collected enough responses. Interestingly, I hear that the Times of Oman are also in the process of launching their own radio station too. Seems the airwaves will be getting busier in the months to come.

Hopefully most of you can see the survey below (it should really only take you a minute or two to do) but in case you can't see the survey below, you can still access the survey by clicking here.

A preemptive thank-you to those of you who take the time to fill in my survey!

le fin.

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Time for another radio survey Time for another radio survey Reviewed by Sythe on Thursday, September 21, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. Looking very forward to (hopefully) better variety in Music and shows with the two new stations. I actually heard there is also a third station joining the fray as well as of early next year!
    As for current stations.. Does anyone know what happened to the Omani guy from Salalah who plays Blues and Rock on weekdays (afternoon) for Oman FM? I haven't heard him in a while and am hoping he hasn't joined the ranks of all the good djs who quit radio.. :'(

  2. I took the survey and rather randomly chose Hala F.M because two nights back they had 3 good songs in a row (which is rare on ANY of the stations). Mostly I press scan continuously until it finds a song I like. I hate when they talk too much unless it is a news station like BBC or one of the Arabic news stations. Otherwise, I don't care about contests and DJs. My kids always like the super Khaleeji songs on whatever Arabic station it happens to come upon too, so I end up pausing a while on those too. But then their hosts come on with callers for like an hour and... scan again.

  3. Even though Hi & Merge FM have been trying to diversify their music for a while, the only station that plays any good rock -New or Old- remains to be Oman FM. I'm glad that they don't adhere to the Hit Music station wave that has taken over so many stations in this side of the world. They don't seem to adhere to anything which is why I like 'em!
    One of the days Tariq from Sll played Blues for 3 hours... BLUES!!!!

  4. Hey Edwin.
    I've been on leave since late August and should be back in Oman & on air week after next!
    Thank you to both you and Gavin for your kind words :)

  5. Hi FM and Merge are homogenous caricatures of each other. They think they are playing what the people want to hear but they play the same few songs or song styles on a continuous loop.
    When I was in Europe I could listen to the radio because they had a genuine mix of music and styles but as soon as I'm back here I'm channel surfing and, ultimately, put my phone on for my own music.
    It's also funny that stations like Hi FM think they appeal to a young demographic but they are all well above the demographic they think they appeal to- how old is Kathy? George and the other bloke sound like they're in their 40s too.
    The only channel that will genuinely play a mix of music is Oman FM. Adam, Faiq and some of the others may not be 'professional' DJs brought in from rural radio stations in the UK but at least they have honest banter and don't try and impress us by talking about their cats or boasting about how bad they are or making people say they love them on air. WTF?!


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