Cocktail Tuesdays at Privé Gastro Lounge

Have you been to Privé yet? It is Muscats newest bar, and its opened at the Qurum Beach Resort, where the old Irish bar used to be. It has been really popular and is a great spot to go for an up-market experience - its a good option for a business lunch too.

The interior space has been transformed from what it looked like in its previous, Irish, life and is well worth a visit just to see how it looks now.

Tonight, and every Tuesday, at Privé is Cocktail Tuesdays - and for the girls it is a really good deal - unlimited cocktails for RO 9++ between 6-11pm. There is a special Tapas menu available too and it is highly recommended.

For more information about Privé Gastro Lounge you can check out their facebook page or their twitter page or their instagram page call them on +968 9702 0354 / +968 2495 3890 for bookings.

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Cocktail Tuesdays at Privé Gastro Lounge Cocktail Tuesdays at Privé Gastro Lounge Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Rating: 5


  1. What happened to the Irish bar? Another closure? Was in MQ yesterday and it is a disgrace how many wonderful outlets have been forced out and for what? Another hideous shopping mall? MQ was a very nice community and now many people no longer want to live there.
    Who is next on the list to be forced out? Perhaps you should formulate a list of who has gone and who is to follow?

  2. Feeneys is now opp Habana Bar in Hyatt

  3. Feenies moved back to where it started out, years ago, in the hotel opposite the Grand Hyatt. It moved quite some time ago... start of the year maybe? I can't recall.

    The old Feenies location was vacant for some time and then the guy who was behind Zouk (which was arguably the coolest bar in the city for a while) came up with a concept for the space and has called it Prive (with a ' on top of the e)

    Its well worth a visit - if only to check out their "molecular cocktails"!

  4. Anon: what happened to MQ was the rents were ridiculous so people started moving to Athaiba. So the nicer shops followed. Then rents were high in Athaiba and people moved a bit farther out to Al Hail even.Now the rents went down a bit and Athaiba is still the EXPAT place.

    When I was a kid it was only MQ or Qurum. But when I was a young adult, the rents in those places even for studios were RIDICULOUS! I don't know now, but if things are like that, rents might be the thing, or buildings being older and not well-maintained..... So the people who can afford to buy nicer stuff move to other affordable but well-maintained or trending areas mayhaps?


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