The Little Gym in Azaiba (or is it Athaiba, or Udhaiba)

Well its been a long summer! And I've been a lazy blogger. And they announced (record breaking in terms of advance notice I think) that next Sunday is going to be a holiday! Hooray! A good friend has been in touch and has asked me to plug a business for him, which I am now doing...

The Little Gym (TLG) is a great franchise for kids and is now Open in Al Athaiba. TLG is the world’s premier experiential learning and physical development center for children ages four months through 12 years. Each week, progressively structured classes and a positive learning environment create opportunities for your child to try new things and build self-confidence.  TLG was founded in the USA in 1976 and currently has over 300 locations worldwide.  To learn more about this concept as well as all that TLG has to offer please go to the franchise website.

TLG offers classes, parties, camps and more.  To follow the Muscat franchise please join their Facebook page at "thelittlegymmuscat".  The Instagram account is "the little gym muscat".

For further information & inquires you can also call 94681515 or email  TLG is located in the new Suqoon Building in Al Athaiba, located behind the Zubair Auto Group.  Feel free to stop by and check out this beautiful unique gym.

Now you know!

le fin.

The Little Gym in Azaiba (or is it Athaiba, or Udhaiba) The Little Gym in Azaiba (or is it Athaiba, or Udhaiba) Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 Rating: 5

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  1. On a side-note Small Steps Nursery in Azaiba has closed.


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