Did you check out the Lulu British stuff thing yet?

I managed to get to the Lulu branch that is in the Avenues Mall yesterday, and I picked up a bunch of stuff in the Beautiful Britain event:

Salad cream (in a squeezy bottle no less), Mini eggs (long gone by the time of writing this), Lucozade Orange in a big bottle, some bramble jelly (which I had on some toast this morning and found I really liked it) and a big bag of cheese and onion crisps (consumed with Mrs Sythe whilst finally getting around to watching The Walking Dead season finale last night). I also bought, but am currently hiding from my kids, a tub of Kelly's Royal Eton Mess(looks and tastes like raspberry ripple to me?) Cornish ice cream. I had a little bit last night - it was great, but most importantly, not even a tiny bit of freezer burn!

Anyway, a few treats from Blighty. Especially pumped about that salad cream. I think the promotion will run until the end of this week.

le fin.
Did you check out the Lulu British stuff thing yet? Did you check out the Lulu British stuff thing yet? Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, April 09, 2017 Rating: 5

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  1. Thanks for the tip about Heinz Salad Cream! What is it with all the other supermarkets carrying every other Heinz salad 'dressing' -Thousand Island, Caesar etc - but not the best one?


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