Breaking radio silence

Yup, I've been a lazy blogger. First up was the usual crazy crush at work that has come to be Ramadan for me every year, and then I took a very rare (once in 5 years) month long vacation - Canada and Ireland.... and it was great - I really didn't want to come back! But I'm still waiting for my winning lottery ticket and so it's back to work I must go.

There's been quite a lot of changes here in Oman over the summer - taxes on luxury goods, new traffic fines, the ongoing slow-news-day topic of the NOC, given these tough new traffic fines - when will the taxi's get sorted out?

There's new hotels opening (Anatara hotels in Salalah and Jebal Akhdar, and ...... The Sheraton - FINALLY) and there have been a few new restaurants opening around town too.

It seems that there are a lot of villa's available for rent... the predicted summer exodus of expats just hanging on until the end of the school year appears to have happened.... how many of us are left?!

The MRFC pitch in Bowsher finally got lights so the pitch can be used after dark (hooray)!

And there are a lot more things I'd like to blog about, but first up I thought I'd say hello!

More coming soon.

le fin.
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  1. Welcome back, missed reading your updates (& gossip) on OMAN- Dr. B John (ex expatriate :))


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