Thursday, May 12, 2016

The brunch scene here in little old Muscat seems to be hotting up just as things are.... hotting up. With the reality that Ramadan and "The Summer" are approaching, I think I'll check out a brunch or two before they're closed up.

This one at the newly renamed The Bank (previously The Left Bank) looks really good. The price isn't outlandishly high when comparing to some other offerings in the Muscat market, and the food at The Bank has always been consistently good (Mrs Sythe and I are quite the fans of their Sunday roast).

Now here's the best bit. It's unlimited hooch as the poster says, but what the poster doesn't say is what hooch it is. Belvedere vodka (hence the trees.... get it?) as well as full assortment of other spirits and beers too. Brunch with cocktails instead of the focus being on wine or beer, incredible it's not been a primary focus for a brunch here before!

Anyway, it starts tomorrow from 2-5pm. Make a reservation by calling 2469 3699 or emailing them on 

More soon!

le fin.


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