Want to win a pair of tickets to the Red Bull F1 Showrun?

So this weekend down at the Muttrah Corniche is the F1 Showrun with David Coulthard doing ROP-sanctioned donuts on the road between the Muscat gates and Riyam park. The action is going to get started around 2pm and run until 4pm ish.

There will also be Ahmed Al Harthy driving around in an Aston Martin Vulcan and Brian Capper at the Activation Village performing an Xtreme Riding Xhibition. There might be a few other little bits and pieces happening too, but they're not yet confirmed.

Now, traffic is likely to be absolutely ridiculous, and people are recommended to actually drive out through Wadi Kabir, past Al Bustan and into Muscat from that side, the traffic in Darsait is expected to be horrendous and they are strongly recommending people do not try and travel to Muttrah Corniche from the Darsait side at all on the afternoon of the event. There will be two parking area's at either end of the Corniche with shuttle buses running back and forth. You can more information by clicking here.

Red Bull have given me 2 tickets to their Makasib area, which features one of the best views of the action to be had, you can get about as close to the track as allowed, and I'm offering them to one of you as a pair to be won. All you have to to do is fill in the survey below (click here if you can't see it) and that's it. And don't worry - I never harvest email addresses or let others see them. Only the winners email address will be shared with Red Bull... so they can claim their prize!

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le fin.

Want to win a pair of tickets to the Red Bull F1 Showrun? Want to win a pair of tickets to the Red Bull F1 Showrun? Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, April 04, 2016 Rating: 5

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