Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I've blogged about this before, but now they've given me a meal for 2 and a bucket of beers to give away to someone, and so here we are.

In a nut shell, Street Food is essentially Tapas, Indian style. The concept of Street Food is: to serve good, delicious, no fuss Indian street food at affordable prices. Outdoor seating only, very low key, chilled out, great views, fun to come with friends and family and have a few drinks and share some Indian snacks. There is a portable tandoori oven at the outdoor kitchen so stuff is made fresh, and even a Jalebi (Indian sweet) station where they make them live.

It's pretty good, and the prices are not anywhere near as bad as other out-door licensed places are when considering a meal. And the views from the Mumtaz Mahal lawn is great - well worth taking visitors too, or - date night? They're open Monday - Saturday from 6pm-11pm.

Here's the menu:

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That's it!

le fin.


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