Elite gym offering discounted memberships

Some of you may recall last year I submitted myself to the Yoka treatment at Elite Gym. You can read about my experience with Elite gym by clicking here, but let me sum it up for you:

Elite gym is a gym run by professionals who know their business very well. Sure you could go to Horizon for less, but if you are into the whole gym scene thing, then its my firm belief you'll be happier at Elite. You could say it's an Elite thing. As for Yoka? He's quite honestly a really nice guy. until he's training you, and then he's a beast. But thats how he gets the impressive results he does.

Their pricing for memberships is higher, but it's to attract those who are looking for something a bit more than half an hour on the treadmill. However, they're offering a discounted membership to the first 50 applicants right now. Instead of the usual annual membership for RO 360, it's reduced to RO 250, a 6 month membership has been dropped from RO 210 to RO 175. So if you're looking for a new gym, you might want to check out Elite Gym.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Great post.

  2. Hi Mr.Syth
    I am shopping around for the best clubs memberships in town and I was wondering if it would be possiable for you to do a post around the best club membership offers in town. This is would be very interesting to many of your readers, especially that we are entering the hot season and school summer break is around the corner. I am specifically interested in clubs that offers family memberships with fitness facilities for myself and the wife, and pool access for the kids. I thought with your list of contacts to clubs and 5 star hotels in town you might be able to do a quick round up on the best available options.

    Thank you,

    Abdullah Al Hinai


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