Red Bull Player One tomorrow

Tomorrow see's another Red Bull event take place here in Muscat at VOX Cinema in Muscat City Centre. Basically a bunch of video gamers played in qualification stages just before Christmas and the top 16 have been selected to play in this live final tomorrow night.

It's free to attend to watch these top 16 duke it out presumably on the big screen. I think it's basically a live feed of the game of choice (in this case, League of Legends) which is basically a number of head to head games between the gamers which you can watch on a big screen.

The winner will win a gaming PC with a fancy graphics card, and the runners up will get the fancy graphic card to put into their own PC's. Having spent fortunes in a previous life on gaming PC's, I can imagine the winner will probably be quite happy with their prize.

Anyway... now you know!

le fin.
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