Fresh pork ribs, buy one get one free!

I don't normally do stuff like this but I just got back from buying lunch in Al Fair in MQ and I found myself in the Pork room, which is odd for me for a lunchtime, but I guess I just wanted to have a look see, and I'm glad that I did.

Today, it seems, is the last day that Al Fair can legally sell their current shipment of fresh never frozen pork ribs. Which is great because they're flogging them for buy one get one free, and some of the packs are at discounted prices already. I just picked up 2 full racks for RO 6.100 - which is handy because I happen to like ribs :)

And the ribs can be safely frozen today too - because they're fresh and have never been frozen!

So: Al Fair, MQ, cheap ribs, if you like that sort of thing. Today only!

If you mention to them that you saw it on here too, that'd be nice :)

le fin,
Fresh pork ribs, buy one get one free! Fresh pork ribs, buy one get one free! Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, January 04, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. Why last day 'legally'? Is there new legislation?

  2. No, today's the last day before the Best Before date passes. They can't sell food past it's best before date...

  3. Careful with those, I bought one a few months back in Spinneys (Wave) and it had a horrible smell so went straight to the gargabe. Make sure you keep the receipt!

  4. The exact same happened to us from Al Fair in Azaiba. Rancid smell from the packet of rotting meat when it was opened. Absolutely disgusting.


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