See in 2016 at the Oman Dive Centre this NYE?

For fans of dance music and beaches, this NYE event might be of interest to you. From 8pm and running till 3am the Oman Dive Centre Muscat Hills Dive Centre will be hosting 4 DJ's (Daryion GT, Hannah B, Harmallea and Phonetic Mood) for a party on the beach.

Entry is RO 15 and the club will be selling food and drinks at their normal prices, however, if you are a group of 10 people, you might want to book a VIP table which includes 2 bottles of wine, a bottle of vodka and mixers, 10 beers, Arabic grills and salads for 10 people along with a dedicated table right on the edge of the beach. This is RO 650 (65 per person).

For more information you can check out the facebook event page here or their website here, or call 9614 5124 / 9919 7817 for more information.

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See in 2016 at the Oman Dive Centre this NYE? See in 2016 at the Oman Dive Centre this NYE? Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. "Muscat Hills Dive Center"? Surely that'll be confusing considering that Muscat Hills is on the other side of the city!?

  2. 15 riyals is including food or any complimentary drink or is it just entry ?


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