Prophets birthday announced!

Next Thursday, Christmas Eve for many (December 24th 2015) is going to be a Public holiday here in Oman to celebrate the Prophet's birthday. Which means that Christmas will be a 3 day weekend - score!

Now, this is a religious birthday, and that means that bars are closed. What is not clear just yet is when the bar's will be closed. Typically, the Muslim day (I think, I'm probably wrong so if I am I apologise) ends at sunset. And thus a new day must begin thereafter, right?

I'm probably wrong.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that the Muslim date for 24th December is 13 Rabial (Raby' al-awal) - aka Mouloud - the Prophets birthday - technically ends at sunset on Thursday 24th December.

No announcement has been made by the ROP yet (that I'm aware of at least) but my guess is that bars will be closed from 6pm on Wednesday 23rd December until 6pm Thursday 24th December. Which means those of you celebrating Christmas will probably be able to do so with a tasty beverage in your watering hole of choice.

I think.

Now you know!

le fin.
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