Rumba Lattina now has Adult Soda's

It's finally been confirmed, starting this coming weekend TONIGHT (2nd November), Rumba Lattina will be able to serve alcohol with it's meals. Well that is great news, I was beginning to think that they would never get their license!

You can check out Rumba Lattina's facebook page here, and you can see their menu here. Their phone number is 2465 1051, 2465 1055 or 2465 1058 should you wish to make a reservation. Alternatively, they have an email address:

le fin.
Rumba Lattina now has Adult Soda's Rumba Lattina now has Adult Soda's Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, November 02, 2015 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! This place will knock the arse out of Pavo Real in terms of food, atmosphere and especially food because the food at Pavo is slop!

maersky said...

As I agree with you with the terms of Pavo Real I must stress that Rumba Latina is not any better.

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