Please adopt this kitten and I'll make a RO 100 donation to Omani Paws

So here's a true story. Last week my wife was dropping off our daughter at school in Azaiba, and on her drive home discovered a little surprise inside her car. You see, some asshole had opened up my wifes car whilst she was inside the school and put this kitten in her car.

I have berated my wife about as much as I dare about her not locking the car so on with the story.

Upon getting the string of WTF whatsapp messages from my wife when she got home, I, being not as warm hearted as her, said to go back to the school and put the kitten back on the street.

Of course my wife didn't do this, so when I got home from work that evening I was confronted with my 3 year old running around with "The Kitty".

I placed a call to Dr Petar at the Qurum Vet clinic - Azaiba branch (facebook, website and their phone number is 2412 1171), which is just across 18th Nov street from the Al Fair and he said to bring the kitten in for a look over that evening. Which is what I did. We discovered that the kitten was a little boy, and was about 3 months old. He had a little mouth rot and was malnourished to boot.

I paid the good Dr to treat the kitten, and once better, to castrate him, which he has done. Whilst this kitty was staying in the Vets, a lovely lady called Gemma came and took the pictures that you have seen me spread out through this post. Yes, I want you to fall in love with this super cute kitten and take him home with you. Gemma is the very talented photographer that takes all the "pro" shots that are posted on the Muscat Vet's facebook page.

I've not yet named this kitten, I'd like that honour to go to whomever opens their homes, and their hearts, to this little guy. He's so very sweet, and has been very, very good with my 1 and 3 year old children. The reason I'm putting him up for adoption is really very simple: I already have 2 cats, and I don't want a third. Furthermore, I've paid for this kitten to be treated, castrated, and I will be paying for his booster shots shortly (he needs to recover from his castration first) to the tune of RO 110 so far, with the costs of the shot's still to come. If someone will adopt this little guy, I will also make a cash donation of RO 100 to Omani Paws as well! Omani Paws, if you didn't know is a group of animal lovers that work on donations only to rescue, home, treat and neuter stray cats and dogs here in Oman.

So what are you waiting for?! Come and meet "The Kitty"! If you'd like to meet him to consider adopting him, please send me an email to and I'll be in touch with you the moment I see the email.

le fin.
Please adopt this kitten and I'll make a RO 100 donation to Omani Paws Please adopt this kitten and I'll make a RO 100 donation to Omani Paws Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. Ha ha. The old "some random stranger must have opened up the car and put the kitten inside" story. Congratulations on your new cat.

  2. Anon,

    Sadly no. If he isn't adopted then we shall treat him as a Trap-Neuter-Release case and release him back where we found him.

  3. Ah. Come on. One more won't make a big difference. He will keep the others up to 'scratch'.��

  4. My daughter really wants a cat... I told her when our new house is ready though in a few months;)... I'd love to get a spayed/neutered passed all health checks free kitty but right now it isn't that safe where I live for cats and no space inside for them.

    I'll ask you around then if you know any people wanting homes for random cats.

  5. Hi Sythe.I can post it on our blog
    We have fostered and re-homed many pets over last 3 years.Just leave e-mail/ in case the people are interested.


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