Tuesday, October 06, 2015

This month in October there are 2 dinners being hosted by the National Hospitality Institute. It's a great concept, the meal is prepared and served by students of the institute and it's sort of a practice run for them. One is being held next week on the 14th of October (currently slated to be a public holiday - waiting on confirmation) and this one is a Seafood night which is being held at the institute from 7:30pm, and the cost is just RO 8 per person.

The second night is a 4 course Gourmet meal hosted by the Marina Bandar Al Rowdha on Wednesday 28th of October also from 7:30pm. The price for this one is RO 26 per person but it includes wines paired for each course too.

If you'd like to go to one or both of these events, you can call on 2481 6313 to make a booking.

le fin.


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