Best of British at Lulu's again

Today the Best of British sales event at Lulu's starts, and runs for 10 days. The event is supposedly featured in all of the lulu's stores, but the widest selection will be at the one in Ghubra (or is it Bowsher)?

All the usual favourites are on offer, along with some fresh fish from the UK: Monkfish tails, fresh oysters, sea bass, live whelks, haddock fillets, cod fillets, fresh mussels and fresh Scottish salmon. Thats a lot of fish! There's also Rachels youghurt on offer for about half the price of Al Fair at RO 1.575 a pot.

Anyway... now you know.

le fin.
Best of British at Lulu's again Best of British at Lulu's again Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, May 10, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. "Celebrate the widest range of UK products in Oman."

    That's a tall order with Al Fair being jammed full of them.
    Oh well…no advertising standards here anyway, so they can say what they want!

  2. The products in Al Fair are run of the mill whilst Lulu's are just that little bit different.


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