Muscat Duty Free are having a clearance sale

Coming up in a few days the Muscat Duty Free guys and girls are having a liquidation clearance sale. Rather annoyingly its during working hours, so it's a WAG's mission I guess. Between this Tuesday 28th and Thursday 20th April between 9am and 6pm at the Seven Seas Complex (ground floor - room 7) which is opposite the airport near the Shell station.

The area around that building is fairly terrible for parking, so I imagine it'd be a bit of a mad crush, or maybe it wont.

I assume that they'll be flogging old stock to make room for new stock.... so I'm thinking watches, jewellery, that sort of thing.

I'm guessing there'll be a few bargains to be had, if you can find parking ;)

le fin.
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  1. Parking would've been easy to find... until this post! Now everyone in Oman (who isn't under a rock) is going to be there! Thank you!

  2. A "liquidation sale" usually means that someone's closing down. Glad to see that it's only a "clearance sale", i.e. they're going to be around for a while...

    - Desert Leopard

  3. Desert Leopard... right you are! fixed....


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