Monday, April 27, 2015

I was in OUA at MQ over the weekend to pick up some adult beverages and I was quite pleased to see that there was a promotion giving away a Heineken cooler bag with the purchase of a box of the green cans. I was at the Dubai 7s last year and saw that there was a new (3rd design in 8 years now) Heineken cooler bag doing the rounds. Fortunately for me, I was there as a guest of someone else and didn't have to buy anything, but this did mean that I didn't get one of the handier mementos of the rugby tournament - a new updated cooler bag!

I've been using my old Heineken bags for years, and they're a great way to keep groceries cool in the summer when coming back from the shops, they're fabric and so squash down to a small size when not in use (and great for storage). They're also really handy for bringing drinks along to a bbq...

Anyway, I was happy they were available here so I could now get one, and so can you if you want!

le fin.


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