Thursday, March 12, 2015

In the spirit of the fine-food theme I've sort of loosely had this week, the people at The Chedi are keen to share that their Executive Chef Sebastien Cassagnol will be heading up their team that has been selected to take part in ‘Gout de France’ also known as ‘Good France’ which is a global competition featuring 1,000 chosen French Chef's all over the world who will be, on the 19th of March, serving up their best French Cuisine as a part of this initiative.

Chef Sebastien will be preparing a special 7 course meal at The Beach restaurant for one night only on the 19th of March and the price is RO 89++ per person, which includes "paired vintages" too. To make a reservation, you can either call 2452 4400 or email

le fin.


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