Canadian Stampede party is coming

It's nearly time to dress up like a cowboy or cowgirl and pretend your Canadian at the best party of the year: The Canadian Stampede. This is the 22nd year the party has been run, as always at the PDO Club's volleyball courts. Friday March 6th is the date, from 7:30pm till late.

This year will see the party expand into the gardens behind the courts, with more seating and tables for people to relax. There will be live music, line dancing, lots of hay and yes, the rumours are true... poutine may indeed be making an appearance in the buffet this year. May. I hope so. Poutine is awesome.

Tickets are on sale from today at the PDO club office, they cost RO 23 for members of the RAHRC, otherwise they are RO 25 for the rest of you. For 25 you get: Entry to the party, 3 complimentary drinks (additional drinks are RO 1.5 per drink, water is free), a bandana, a bottle cooler and buffet dinner.
It's the best party in Muscat for a reason... lots of people go!

This is a private club event, and not open to the general public; you need to know someone at PDO to get tickets to the party - so go through your address book!

There's a facebook event page here, with some more information and any updates should there be.

le fin.
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  1. And sold out as of 16:30 the day they went on sale

  2. There is lots of talk about how members of PDO and the Canadian community have not had access to tickets and that there is something definitely underhand going on and someone is making money out of it when they shouldn't be.
    Something stinks and it's time somewhere else started doing a stampede.

  3. Nothing stinks. Its a party thrown by the Canadian Section of the Ras al Hamra Recreation Club.

    This club is a privat club with the largest membership coming from PDO, but there are others who are members of this club as well.

    The tickets were announced that they would go on sale at 10am on Tuesday and that's when they did. They sold out by about 3pm. There are additional tickets available outside of the tickets for sale to RAHRC which are used for awarding to sponsors, and there are some of those tickets available to purchase for non-members of the club (as guests of a member of the club).

    It is a private club, it is not a public venue.

    What DOES annoy me though, is that as a non-pdo member of the RAHRC, I received the mail shot advising me of the tickets going on sale at Tuesday at 10am - but I was in Salalah that day. I went the next morning and was told the event had sold out, but could clearly see a stack of tickets in envelopes sitting on the persons desk.

    It transpired that a number of RAHRC members emailed the adminsitration office and "reserved" those tickets for themselves. I am annoyed because the notification said to come to the office to buy the tickets, not email, yet they allowed people to email to reserve tickets, which I think is entirely unfair to people like myself who actually went there, saw that there were tickets not collected, but couldn't purchase them because someone had emailed to book them. THAT is what stinks in my mind.

    And what would I have done with my 10 tickets I would have purchased from RAHRC? I would have used them to invite fellow Canadians to the party.

    There is nothing nefarious with the organizing committee of the stampede, believe me when I say there are a lot of upset organizers because of this.

    But ultimately.. it's a private party at a private club. And it's the best party of the year... like always.

  4. I would say that pretty much stinks. So people who work between 10am and 3pm are shit out of luck because other people were allowed to book them via email? So how did they know that they could do so as a mass collective?
    That's over 3 tickets per minute.

  5. While organizing an office party, by asking for the advice and input of other folks in your office, you'll make them feel valued, and you'll give them a stake in making the party great. You’ll also might get some great tips from them.


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