Blue Carpet event next Tuesday

Late last year, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Denzel Heath, the travelling bartender and I have to say I fell in love with his cocktails. Being a man, I fell short of actually falling in love with him, but both FatSu and Heather appear to be besotted with the man. I'm not just saying it for the sake of saying it - the man's cocktails are amazing divine awesome fantastic - actually I can't think of the perfect word to describe them. Bloody good. He'll ask you what you like, and if you can't choose (or don't know) he'll ask you simple questions about the kinds of tastes you like, and go from there.

Denzel's so good at what he does, earlier this month he won first place in a Bacardi competition in South Africa with his signature cocktail, The Lennox. He will be attending the world finals in Australia in May. He really is an absolute wizard in the wet bar and if you like cocktails, you really should try one!

The good news is that he is coming back to Muscat next week, and he'll be serving up treats in the form of beverages at the John Barry Bar at the Grand Hyatt, Muscat all week.

However, there is a Blue Carpet event happening at the John Barry Bar on Tuesday 3rd March next week. The event is a members only affair, and the invites are going out to the hand picked exclusive few in the city (lol) this week. If you think you should have a membership, click here to request one. There will be no entries available at the door, you've got to be on the list or you're not getting in, guv.

The event will feature live jazz & blues music and a complimentary beverage from Denzel, so I'd say its worth going to just for that.

le fin.
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FatSu said...

Libel! Libel! I just have a sincere respect for the man's obvious and enormous talent.

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