Oman's 2015 Public Holidays schedule

Now, as we all know, Public Holidays in Oman are never something that one can completely count on being announced until usually a few days before, so the dates I've put below are strictly guide dates for you to work with when planning your vacations for 2015.

Don't get mad at me if the dates are wrong!

1 Jan - New Years Day (not usually officially given)
3 Jan - Prophets Birthday (4th is given off)
16 May - Lailat Al-Ma'raj
18 June - Ramadan starts (not a holiday, but good to know)
18 July - Eid al Fitr (usually a few days)

23 July - Renaissance Day 
23 Sept - Eid Al Adha (usually a few days)
13 Oct - Hijiri New Year
18 Nov - HM's birthday / National day
25 Dec - Christmas (never officially given)


le fin.
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  1. Ok, I know its wrong to ask you. But my guess is this year Ramadan Eid holidays will be clubbed along with Renaissance day. i.e. starting 19th July to 23rd July, even if Ramdan Eid falls on 18th July (tentatively). As such people get extended holidays including prefix-suffix friday & saturdays. Hence work would resume on 26th July. What say ?

  2. What is the point of including selected non holidays in a holiday schedule. year, Xmas. I am bamboozled easily. Why not include all the holidays and festivals from around the world and hoping for time off.

  3. I've no idea if they'll bundle Eid and Renaissance day.

    I include Christmas because a lot of companies give those days off for their Christian staff, and a lot of companies also give Jan 1st off too.

  4. You forgot the Prophet's birthday. It happens twice in 2015 and it might be about two days before Christmas.


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