My Novell espresso machine

A few weeks ago I met up with a nice lady who's just launched her home espresso machine business here in Muscat. I managed to get my hands on a machine and 20 capsules of coffee for "trial" purposes.

I still brew my coffee, with granules and the filters and stuff, but sometimes I just want a quick cup of coffee and to be off - and then I usually opt for a cup of tea. I've thought about getting one of those nespresso machines but have always thought that they were expensive and a waste of money.

So I was a little apprehensive when I got this coffee espresso machine, but that was only short lived. I got the box home and unpacked the machine, filled the reservoir with water and had it set up in no time at all, it was really easy.

The espresso itself is, in a word, amazing. I really like it, and what I have started doing each morning is to heat up half a mug of milk in the microwave and then put the mug into this machine and put a shot of espresso into it. I've not yet done a double-shot.... but perhaps I'll live a little and try that tomorrow :P

The capsules come 2 to a pack, and are bio-degradable. A box of 20 capsules is RO 5, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than the equivalent nespresso capsules.

Rose, the lady who's launched this product here in Muscat has a shop just opposite the Wave, above the Butchers Block. She's starting out with a pretty great launch offer: The machine and 20 capsules for RO 45 - not a bad Christmas present.....!

You can call on 9627 1919 for delivery information, or for exact directions to her shop (it's basically behind the Al Maha gas station next to the wave roundabout). I've already bought another 2 boxes of the coffee - it's really that good, and I couldn't recommend it enough!

le fin.
My Novell espresso machine My Novell espresso machine Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, December 22, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. 'Nespresso is expensive and a waste of money'

    You are dead to me Sythe, dead! You hear me?!

  2. HOW DARE YOU!?:p Why you dissing poor Nessie :( :'(

  3. Big Man.... I'm sorry, I didnt know you felt that way about "Nessie" as Adam puts it...

    And as for Adam.... I wasn't dissing Nessie!!!

    Give this thing a go, it's really good!

  4. Nespresso is an amazing product, companies in Oman should really think of buying such good quality products.

  5. Hopefully a bit of competition will make capsule pricing a little more competitive. I have a Nespresso machine in Oman and UK.

    In Oman I pay 3 rials ( say 5 GBP at today's exchange rate) for 10 capsules ( more fool me) yet I can get delivered to my door in UK for 3 of those same finest British pounds....

    Someone is getting wealthy somewhere...

  6. Unless you experience Nespresso, you cannot compare to the other inferiors in the market.

    I had one, for over one year and I just bought another one.

  7. Sick of your low rent promotions businessDecember 24, 2014 at 9:06 AM

    Sythe, I think you are a freeloader. This person has a 'start up' business and you take a machine for free. Your blog is a shameless way for you to take advantage of others.

    Back in the day you used to write good stories, now you are just a social media whore. That can't be a good feeling surely?

  8. I've had Nespresso plenty of times and it's great, I didn't go searching for this person, they came to me and offered to loan me a machine to try out - we met for a coffee (which I paid for) and at the end of the meeting they told me to just keep the machine as it was a demo one, and I've already bought coffee capsules because I think it's so good.

    Should I smack a gift in the face? Should I not share my thoughts on if it's any good or not? Is there not value for this person in being reviewed on this website? I give away an awful lot of stuff that comes my way, in fact I haven't attended an event in which I've given away tickets to through this blog in probably over a year - yes, a shameless freeloader indeed.

    Regarding the pricing for the Nespresso capsules, yes, it does appear that someone is getting wealthy off of it - good for them, they captured the market and are capitalizing on it, this will just give them some much needed competition so the consumer can get a better deal... hopefully!

  9. Hey Sythe,
    thanks for blogging about this. I too love the nespresso but hvent gotten one as its way over priced. In the usa we have a keureg and it makes amazing coffee and yes we get a 100 capsule pack for 50 dollars for regular blend (160 bz a peice) and 25 pack of the specialities like ( french vanilla etc) for $30.
    i would be very interested in trying this product thanks for the details.

  10. Thanks a lot Sythe. I bought one of the Novell machines for my office ... and it's great! Bought 2 types of pods and again ... they're both fab.


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