World AIDS day tomorrow

Tomorrow is World Aids day, and Oman this year are getting in on this very important awareness initiative as well. There is a local instagram account setup here, that I have been asked to blog about, and so here it is.

Remember: no glove, no love!

More soon!

le fin.
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  1. Opening an Instagram account with zero information one day before World Aids Day will definitely generate lots of awareness...

  2. I dont disagree but I only found out about this last night!

  3. How sad... Politics in play

  4. I was informed about it yesterday and didnt realize that there was an actual campaign happening.... to be launch on WADay and specifically on instagram

    Not well thought out if you ask me

  5. And since I've seen quite a bit of needles lying around of course the: only use dope with your own needle!

  6. Why can't the Ministry stand outside the Chinese "Health Clubs" handing out condoms and leaflets about preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS?

    Ah, but wait! That would…….

    Jet Driver


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