Winner of tickets to Ed Sheeran

It is time to announce the winner of the recent competition for 2 fan pit tickets to the Ed Sheeran concert here in Muscat on February Friday 27th February from 7pm.

Congratulations to Natalie - check your email!

The tickets to this concert are still on sale, you can get regular tickets for RO 25, or the up close to the stage "fanpit" tickets for RO 50. You can buy them in the following places:

Mackenzies Cafe & Deli, Bose store in QCC, Donner Kebab outlets in both MCC and Zakher Mall, Gorgeous hair salon, Connexions store in MCC or the OUA retail outlet in MQ.

You can see the official (even after all the leaks yesterday on fb) announcement on the Hi FM website here. Also there is the official fb event page available here.

More soon!

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

Natalie always wins.. She won the HIFM competition also!

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