Vietnamese promotion at The Chedi

Last night I was fortunate enough to go and check out the Vietnamese promotion that is being held in The Restaurant at The Chedi all this week until Saturday 8th November.

I was quite surprised at the pricing, I thought it would have been higher, starters ranged from between RO 7.5 to RO 9.5 and the main courses ranged between RO 10.5 and RO 20. I have to say I was fortunate enough to try everything on the menu, not all of every dish - that'd have been a feat! But I got to sample all of the dishes.

The banana flower salad

Yeah I don't know why it's upside down, but these rice paper roll thingies were amazing!

My favourite starter was the rice paper roll (RO 7.5), quickly followed by the banana flower salad (RO 8.5). Those rice paper roll things, damn I could have eaten 10 of them, they were so delicious. The banana flower salad had smoked duck and was a large portion, I have had smaller salads as a main course before.

The main courses were, to me, not actually as good as the appetizers, but there was 1 stand out main course that was amazing, and I actually ended up stealing most of the dish from my dining partners - this was the smoked sea bass (RO 16.5) which came with lotus seeds (I thought they were chicpeas!) and it was served on a banana leaf. To. Die. For!

The food promotion is running all week and you can make a reservation by calling The Chedi on 24 52 43 43 or emailing

le fin.
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