UAE Hatta Border post now open

For those of you that have driven to Dubai via Hatta over the last few years, you may have noticed the worlds slowest construction project slowly move along - the Hatta Border post drive-thru. Being an ex-pat I thought this would mean I'd be able to get my visa on arrival just by driving through the border post (just like in the Al Ain border) and was looking forward to this opening.

It finally opened last week, and I went through it this weekend just passed. It was very slow going, and fast coming back. Here's what I learned, and how it may help you:

1. GCC Citizens only can drive through the kiosks, everyone else has to go inside to get a visa.
2. No one tells you this until you get to a kiosk.
3. The signs installed were clearly not read by anyone who understands English, I didn't take a photo, but they are nonsensical, and totally devoid of any useful information.
4. If you are an expat, get in the left lane, and park where the photo above shows you to.
5. Once you've got your gate pass, don't line up again, get someone to open the barrier closest to the main building and drive through.
6. You don't need to get out of your car when leaving the UAE - you can stamp out at the kiosk without leaving your vehicle

There you go, another instalment to the [MM] Guide to Oman :)

le fin.
UAE Hatta Border post now open UAE Hatta Border post now open Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, September 01, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. Thanks for climbing up the jebel to take that photo specially for your grateful readers Sythe!
    This is good info- it is unbelievable that after all that time they still haven't found a way of streamlining the system. Oh well.

  2. Lifesaver!!! I used to freak out everytime I passed there wondering if the kiosks would be open coz I knew there'd bound to be a supreme lack of information.

  3. How is it that mainland Europe can survive with zero border controls? Slow down to 20kph and just keep driving. Wasn't the GCC set up to make life better, easier, more efficient?

  4. How is it that mainland Europe can survive with zero border controls? Slow down to 20kph and just keep driving. Wasn't the GCC set up to make life better, easier, more efficient?

    The answer is Money Money Money...

  5. There are borders in mainland Europe...

  6. From what I heard, this border opening deal was made to help settle many of the varying political grudges between the two countries for many long years. The most apparent grudge was when Oman blamed UAE for the Omani protests back then. If you noticed the light fences first popping up many years ago then upgrading to heavier fences then to barbed wire fences and then with cameras and then following light infantry patrols. The idea of the GCC is an ever changing idea and we've seen that recently when Oman declined a military alliance as did Kuwait. Also notice the planned Border crossing between Oman and Saudia, they will tell you its for trade and for pilgrims to mecca but they don't need to go through UAE anymore. Its a big topic. Linked to Omanisation aswell and the decreasing National Funds warned by the International Monetary Fund to the Central Bank of Oman and so far they have ignored most advice. Also the UAE is pushing hardly their military and nuclear power. That is only an introduction.. haha


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