So there's a few bits and pieces that I wanted to write about for today and so here we go....

Firstly, the Oman Green Awards, as blogged about by Maurizio over on Oman Collective Intelligence. The awards are, "a platform to honour and appreciate such outstanding environmental vision, endeavours, initiatives and achievements".

This is a great initiative in concept and hopefully will help to promote the very real need to reduce waste, especially here in Oman. Except they (the organizers) stumbled at the first block... the invitation for this event is printed on thick shiny glossy paper and came in a paper envelope! Well spotted OCI!

It always makes me feel confused when I see those Environmental Society of Oman wheel covers on the back spare wheel of an SUV here. It's like... I drive a big gas guzzling SUV but it's ok, because I have an ESO wheel cover. I guess there's some marketing value to it, but perhaps it's negative and not positive. Ho hum.

Right, next up, as blogged recently by Heather over on The Duncan Adventures (did you join her facebook group yet?) there is another iCare water initiative coming up on the 27th September between 9:30 and 12:30 (in the morning). People meet at the Radisson Blu in Khuwair and then go off and give cool water to construction and street workers. It's a great community programme and if you've got the time, go along, you'll meet all sorts of nice people.

Aish Elaqtta also blogged last week about the Small Box appeal which is also sponsored by the Radisson Blu in khuwair. Basically you go pick up a box (or a few boxes) from the hotel (or a few other spots around town) and then fill the box with the list of items you're given, then donate the box for distribution.

Ok, moving on from charity stuff.

I read in the Times of Oman this weekend (I have to say their fb page and in-general content appears to be approving) but a bit of a clanger by one of their authors was dropped again. It was about the 2012 and 2013 ROP traffic accident statistics information that was on the back of the dont drive through a red light or you'll go to jail story. Firstly - yes - don't run a red light, it's kind of a no brainer really. So the last 3 paragraphs of the story left me a little confused, I quote:

ROP records have revealed that it imposed 1,001 fines for jumping traffic signals and OMR3,889,301 was collected from erring drivers in 2013.

A total 913 people died and 10,802 were injured in 7,829 road accidents in 2013, while 1,139 were killed and 11,618 injured in 8,209 road accidents in 2012.

Also, 757 road accidents resulted in casualties.

Well then, that's a lot of cheese in fines for 2013!! Also, it shows the general trend is a declining fatality and injury and even accident rate year on year (we'll see how 2014 goes). But then the last line, it just makes no sense at all?! What does it mean, in what context? Who knows. Excellent editing.

Moving on, inspired by the retired super-blogger, Suburban of Other Oman, I have a one-off edition of Overheard in Muscat to share with you all (she used to do occasional Overheard in Muscat posts which were really funny example 1, 2 and 3). This weekend I attended a private event at the Safari rooftop at the Hyatt, the Muscat Rugby Club were saying farewell to the long-serving club captain and his wife and I bumped into someone I hadn't seen since before the summer, here's the conversation:

Lucky girl: Hey Mr Sythe, how's things?
Me: I'm great, how about you - good summer?
Lucky girl: Yeah it was great, back to work now!
Me: Ah yes, your job, how much do you work currently?
Lucky girl: Oh about 2.5 a week.
Me: Days? Oh wow, lucky you!
Lucky girl: No, 2.5 hours a week!
Me: Whaaaat?! Damn gimmie a high five thats awesome!
Lucky girl: But next week's gonna be bad, I have to go in every day!

What a life!

More soon!

le fin.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out buddy :-)


  2. Thanks for the mention Omani Blog Guru.


  3. The so called brand of "i-care initiative".... I support initiatives that have a clear purpose but this is a joke. What is it? A charity? Giving water bottles and taking "selfies" is considered charity? Is it an awareness campaign for reform? Is it a social gathering to network? etc... It doesn't know what it is and because of that they should name it something like "i-kinda care initiative". Have you seen how people in Gaza suffer but manage to smile and invite guests with little that they have for decades? Oman has its fair share of Gaza just not as apparent and because of that very few know much about it like suicides.


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