Muscat Buy or Sell on facebook is hacked.

Well I guess it was going to happen eventually, the massively popular Muscat Buy or Sell facebook group page has been hacked, and members of the group for the last week or more have been subjected to constant spamming of mostly porn links to websites that will install a virus on your computer.

People are leaving the group in droves, and now there is somewhere new to go: Muscat Sell or Buy. Exactly the same group concept, and nearly the exact same name.

So, if you're looking to flog something, or buy something, check out Muscat Sell or Buy and join it today!

le fin.
Muscat Buy or Sell on facebook is hacked. Muscat Buy or Sell on facebook is hacked. Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. or try group here:

    Growing fast!

  2. How we can get links to the porn?


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