Top 5 healthy food restaurants in Muscat

So I've been attempting to come up with a list of "healthy eating" establishments here in Muscat and I have to report that I've failed miserably. So miserably in fact that I'm appealing to anyone who cares to comment here with some suggestions.

It's become abundantly clear to me that not only is there an apparent dearth of "healthy" restaurants in this city, but it's possibly a good business venture for a restaurateur to investigate. By healthy, I mean something that isn't fried and generally seen as something that's going to make you fat.

And yes, I know that this is a futile argument because the fry-fanatics will come out about special oil this and special methods that. I don't care for your frying arguments, and to tie this down even further lets just focus on rabbit food.

The top 5 best places to get a salad in Muscat.

I'm going to list my top 5, assembled by my own experience, and those of a few people I've asked about this. Here we go:

1. Pizza Express
2. Shakespeare & Co
3. Nando's
4. Fauchon
5. MacKenzies Cafe

A few other places worth noting here are mOre, Paul and Sliders, all have good salads on their menu's.

Do you have a suggestion? Who has the best salad in your opinion? (Making it yourself doesn't count)!

le fin.
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Anonymous said...

More Cafe
Mani's Cafe


Anonymous said...

Glacier Cafe at the Zakher Mall - delicious 'home made' food, lots of salads & yummy soup of the day :)

Anonymous said...

More cafe - spinach and pumpkin salad! Winner!
Darcys- chicken and avacado salad, delicious and fresh.
Mackenzies- nice healthy salads
Turkish House- lovely fresh salads!
Shakespeare's were always tasteless in my opinion, tried most of them.
Can't say I agree about pizza express in oman- certainly in the UK but not here....
Yes some more healthy eateries would be great for the health conscious!

Heather Duncan said...

Just Grilled at Shatti do a great salad also.

All their produce seems to be super fresh and cooked just for you. Annnddddd 50% off for ladies on a Monday night.

And no, I don't work for them I just really enjoy the fresh food :-)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with this being a huge gap in the Muscat restauran market! To me, Pizza Express top the list of best salads, followed by mOre and MacKenzies. Darsy's Haloumi and Bean salad is also worth mentioning, and I find usually at Automatic restaurants you can eat healthily if you don't opt for a grilled plate but rather arabian dips and salads. But in general, it is a very frustrating experience finding a restaurant that is worth its money here, and I have to say, in the 9 years I have lived here there was very, VERY little improvement compared to the other changes that have happened!

Anonymous said...

"don't opt for a grilled plate but rather arabian dips and salads."

Mezzeh is Levantine, not "Arabian". This type of food has no connection to the Arabian Peninsular region.

Anonymous said...

Manis cafe in jawaharat shatti. The than salad.fresh flavourful crunchy yummy

Anonymous said...

Sorry that's thai salad. Not 'than' salad :)

Amna said...

I have to add, Darcy's food is quite healthy and they have really good salads too...

Anonymous said...

crepes café, nice salads and crepes

Anonymous said...

Richoux at the Opera Galleria

Faye Tomlinson said...

I would love to open a paleo style, natural deli/cafe/juice bar based on fresh produce that makes you feel good and is based around what is good for the body/healthy.
juices (made from veggies mostly not sugary fruits!!!), smoothies, protein shakes, raw salads, roasted veggies, quinoa, fish, eggs, breakfast options...

do you think a little "health shack/juice bar" would go down well here? maybe in an expat area? You could also have meal plans, detox juice plans, small takeaway menu. etc

Sythe said...

Faye - I'd say there is a demand for it but I have absolutely no clue as to whether the demand would be strong enough to cover the costs of running a business here. Worth researching I'd say.

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