The ALS ice bucket challenge and how you can help

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the ALS ice bucket challenge in the news lately - lots of celebrities are doing it - empty a bucket of ice water over your head, or donate $100 to ALS research. Ideally, you do both.

Friends of mine are all too familiar with ALS. About a year ago, the mother of a friend of mine was diagnosed with an incurable terminal condition called Motor Neuron Disease (MND), otherwise referred to as ALS.

ALS is a degenerative disease that breaks down the nerve endings, resulting in paralysis and the inability to breath, eat and swallow. This results in death usually within a 3 year period from the first signs of the disease, though this can vary. Sufferers from ALS eventually rely on peg tubes that direct food to the stomach to eat, and breathing machines to stay alive.

For my friends, its particularly bad and the disease is taking hold - she's going to have to quit her job in Dubai, leaving her partner there to continue earning so she can go take care of her mum. Again, I don't know if any of you reading this care, but if you have a few dollars to spare, and wanted to really help someone in a bind, please consider donating to Reshmeika & Paris' Go Fund Me page, which you can get to be clicking here.

Thanks for reading.

le fin.
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