Monday, August 18, 2014

For football fans, you might be interested in this one - Ron Atkinson and John Hartson are having a dinner at the Shangri-la where they'll be talking about their careers in football. There is also a comedian, Christian Steel, booked for the gig too.

The dinner is RO 45 a head, and includes unlimited "house" beverages, so it's basically 45 a head and thats it! Unless of course you book a room! The dinner is planned for Thursday October 2nd from 8pm.

Tickets are available now from the hotel, and you can get them by calling 2477 6235 or emailing

le fin.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ron Atkinson will stay true to form and call any of the Omanis 'Lazy Niggers' in his own racist manner.
At least Hartson is good at kicking Israelis in the head. A fine pair, please relieve me of 45 Rials to hear them talk.

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