MRFC Summer membership offer is back!

It's the summer, and it's June, which means it's that time of year that my preferred sporting club are once again offering a fantastic deal to anyone who would like to become a member of one of the nations oldest sporting clubs, Muscat Rugby Football Club.

To become a member, you need to download this form, fill it out and then email it to the Captain, Ross, at the following email address: along with photo's of every person membership is applied for (kids need cards too) - the photo's don't need to be passport photo's, but they should clearly show the faces of each member, for visual recognition purposes.

Muscat RFC have renewed their deal with the Grand Hyatt Muscat for all MRFC members. The benefits are substantial, and the cost is RO 20 from now until August 31st 2014, (or RO 40 for a family membership). Payment is cash on receipt of the cards.

Before I go into the details of the benefits, I'd like to take a moment to give you a brief little update to the rugby club. Many people hold old out-of-date opinions about the rugby club, and if there was ever a time to support rugby in Oman, now is the time. For many years, the MRFC have had a shared pitch with the ABA in Al Khuwair, and in years past had a clubhouse nearby. MRFC now no longer have neither of these facilities and have secured new pitch space (and expanded from 1 pitch to 2) which the Club will announce the full details of in the coming weeks.

This takes money, and this isn't about funding a team of expats travelling over the gulf to play "social" rugby (read: drinking after a run around). The level of rugby that MRFC compete at has risen considerably over the last half decade and the game is serious business across the border in the UAE and beyond. But forget the men's team, the kids section, run by the Muscat Pirates which has over 200 kids and still continues to grow, and without adequate funding in place, there will be no rugby in Oman again.

The details of the membership, of which the club are offering at a discounted rate for the remainder of the summer (until August 31st, 2014) are below, and they will remain the same from September 1st 2014, until August 31st, 2015 - to get access to these benefits you can renew your membership in August, prices yet to be announced.

Of course a great way to help the MRFC is to become a member, but another way to help, and have a good time, is to attend their annual Oval ball which is happening at the Hyatt this Thursday night from 7:30pm - tickets are RO 40 for members (45 for non-members). Which means, for a married (or dating!) couple, you could get access to the Hyatt pool all summer, discounts all over the hotel, a fancy dinner out with open bar and live music, AND you'll also be helping an ailing sport in Oman, all for RO 120, or if you're on your own, RO 80. Doesn't that give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling? ;) Contact Ross when applying for membership and advise him you'd like to go if you want to.

Here is a list of all the benefits:

  • Habana Bar:
    • 40% off drinks until 21.00 and a 20% discount on all beverage consumption after 21.00.
  • Safari Rooftop and Safari pub:
    • 10% discount
  • 20% discount on food & beverages in the following outlets:
    • Tuscany Italian Restaurant
    • Mokha Café
    • Sirj Tea Lounge
    • John Barry Bar
    • Marjan Indonesian Restaurant & Pool Bar
    • Copacabana Nightclub
  • Pool Access is as follows:
    • Free any day, except during Eid and Public Holidays up until August 31st.
    • If you'd like to use the pool after August 31st, you'll need to renew your membership to MRFC for the 2014-15 season, there will be black-out dates in this year, yet to be established.
  • Advantage Membership Program:
    • MRFC members get a discount of 25% when purchasing the Advantage membership.
  • Rooms at the Hyatt:
    • The hotel offers a special rate for MRFC members for a Grand Room of OR 50.000 (Omani Rial Fifty) plus service charge and tax (RO. 58.700) room only for single or double occupancy. Only available on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until July 31st, 2014
    • From August 1st 2014, the rate increases to RO 90, or RO 105 including breakfast.
  • Club Olympus Membership:
    • 40% Discount on any Club Olympus Membership for any MRFC member.

    le fin.
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  1. Very good offer. Will be filling in the form today :)


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