Other Oman's done it again

Like a breath of fresh air, she's done it again. By "it" I mean, pointed out something that is very hard to argue with the logic of it, and made written it in an entertaining way. Suburban has written about Omanisation, and how the current hiring and promotion policies at most, if not all, Government ministries are actually hindering Omanisation.

I'm inclined to agree with her, it's kind of hard to argue: If you're crap at your job, you get sidelined, or fired - you certainly don't get promoted, which appears to be what is happening in many Government jobs.

I wonder if this renaissance of blogging will wake up Muscati, or Muscat Confidential, or maybe even the Muscat Jet Driver?

More soon.

le fin.
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Suburban said...

Thank you, but you know who I really miss? Leo Americanus. http://leoamericanus.blogspot.com/2008/06/omans-ministry-of-sports.html

Dalz R said...

It’s not a pretty sight in the private sector either.

Considering that I am too “naïve” to comment based on some anonymous commenter over on my blog. I shall leave it at that.

There is not MERIT system that would work properly in this realm of the world *insert favorite Sci-Fi music*

Terry said...

'Who is this b***h?'

Suburban said...

A Pimp Bitch, that's who!

Terry said...


*I hope you got where that came from ;-)

Suburban said...

Terry, I do! ;-)

Undercover Dragon said...

And yes, Mr Sythe, I am awakened from my lair, if that's how far we want to push this metaphor...

Nice to be back, and certainly glad I was always a very good dragon who was fighting the corruption and not one of the many apparently who were corrupted by the geysers of cash flowing from PDO, real estate, and the Government. Whew.

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