Aspirations Theatre Academy

Local organization, Aspirations Theatre Academy are based in Azaiba and are offering a number of courses ranging from acting and dancing right up to working on a stage show. They're currently preparing for the next school years courses and are offering a 10% discount if you sign your kids up before the end of June 2014.

Here are some words from them:

Aspirations Theatre Academy is a child friendly organisation committed to providing children with opportunities to learn about theatre in a fun and interactive way.

We have a variety of courses on offer from acting or dancing to working on a complete stage show.

All of our courses are designed to help children develop confidence and build self-esteem in a fun, safe and happy environment. This is followed with the rich reward of performing to a live audience in a real theatre, showing off the culmination of their hard work and efforts.

At Aspirations we are aware that not all children enjoy being in the limelight and do not yet have the skills or confidence to perform to an audience. As such we offer courses where the children are able to develop acting skills, while interacting with others, without the added stress of a performance.

Aspirations Theatre Academy aspires to be the only theatre academy for children in Muscat, where the entire theatre stage show is produced by the children.

Throughout this process the children will be able to develop a sense of pride and ownership over their production allowing them also to understand the fruits of team work and effort.

Spaces available now. Sign up and pay before the end of June 2014 and receive 10% discount.

Personally, I was in a few school plays growing up, but didn't have the guts to play a part on stage until my final year (having been the dorky sound and light guy before then) (I'm still dorky) but I still remember when I finally did play an acting part, and had a theatre full of 500+ people laughing. It was a great experience, and perhaps some of your kids will enjoy that too. It's good to see more offerings like this popping up here in Muscat. Check out their website for more details.

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