See Muscat's new classifieds section

A new website that has been going for a couple of months now, See Muscat, has just rolled out an entirely new Classifieds section on it's website. It's got syndicated property listings from a number of real estate agents in town, meaning looking for a house is suddenly a lot easier.

Along with that are sections for cars, household goods, services and pets so far. The wider website of See Muscat is also really worth a look as it lists a lot of events going on around town and highlights a few special offers at places around town too.

More tomorrow!

le fin.
See Muscat's new classifieds section See Muscat's new classifieds section Reviewed by Sythe on Saturday, April 13, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. As someone who checks car classifieds most days it seems like the owner of this site is copying ads from more established websites - / etc. Maybe to get it going.. tell me if i'm wrong?

    not sure why your plugging this one?

    <a href="http:

  2. Surely the more the better which enables more exposure across the net as daily new people are always surfing !

  3. Are they aware that their logo is the Vatican "Keys of Heaven"? :)

    Your friendly neighbourhood MJD

  4. I was born in Muscat Oman on December 25th 1959.
    I need to know which hospital I was born 'cause I need my birth certificate which my parents lost a long time ago.
    Can someone please tell me which were the hospitals at that time. I remember my mum saying that there was only one Mission Hospital there at that time.
    Can you please direct me to a place where my birth was registered.

  5. To the last Anon. I'm not 100% sure, but I understand that the "Mission" hospital at the time is what is now known as Khoula Hospital.

    However, birth certificates are handled by the ROP, and they issue birth certificates in the Muscat area at their offices situated next to the airport in Seeb.


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