Justin Bieber live in Muscat - 6th May

Well the rumours are indeed true, and as of 7:00am this morning the media embargo has been lifted and I can finally blog that the Bieber is coming to Muscat, courtesy of Hi FM and Alive Entertainment. The tickets are not on sale yet, and you can get more information from the official website for this event: www.justinbieberoman.com

I can tell you that the event is being held at the ROP stadium in Wattayah, and that it is an all ages event and that there are a number of different bands for pricing, as yet to be finalized, but I understand the cheapest tickets are in the RO 35 region - but don't quote me because they haven't finalized this at the time of writing this!

More news soon, as well as some free tickets to give away :)

le fin.
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Terry said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't care a jot for Justin Bieber but this a massive scoop for the organisers and for Oman and I am sure it will be a sell-out show. Well done to the guys who have put this together and good luck.
But ext time, someone with balls below his waist?!

iB said...

I agree with Anon (Feb19).

Well done in bringing someone famous as him to Oman.

But then again, preferably not a lesbian hahahaha.

Thank god I am not in Oman to witness the horror.

Anonymous said...

Justin Bieber will cry and collapse with the hot weather here at that time!

Teaching Telegram said...

why he is coming to OMAN
Omanis don't even know him
frankly he isn't welcomed here
So better not to come here
unless he is coming for none Omanis.

Anonymous said...

Justaine Barbie is coming to Oman...MY OMAN?
Brace yourselves....even zombies consider him to be a fatal virus to the ears that needs to be disposed of =/
Time to develop an antidote..
* prepares L115A3 AWM *

Anonymous said...

@ Teaching Telegram - rather a sweeping statement to say "Omanis don't know him" and "he isn't welcome". If it does go ahead, it will be a major coup for Oman to have scored him. Whether you're a Belieber or not he has a massive fan base and will hopefully set a precedent for more top names to come here and perform. At the end of the day it can only be good for Oman's economy in terms of attracting more tourists, creating jobs and competing with it's modern cultured neighbour, Dubai. I will be going with my daughter (hopefully having one two of the tickets on this blog!)

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