Opera Galleria opens today [store listing]

Just a quick note to say that the immensely popular cafe chain from Dubai, mOre, opens today at the new Opera Galleria mall, which also "soft" opens today, with the main opening scheduled in early 2013, nearly a year later than originally planned.

For mOre information, you can check out their facebook page or their website.

For the Opera Galleria mall, there are over 50 stores planned, however only 25 are open today, however there is currently no complete list, and the press release copied and pasted by all of the newspapers doesn't seem to list these 25 stores. However, I've built a list, from a few different sources, and think that is more or less up to date, but I'm sure there will be a few new announcements in the coming months, but I still don't know which of these will be open today, except, of course, mOre.

1. mOre café
2. Nawal Art
3. Richoux café
4. Gallery Arjan
5. Mouawad Jewelery
6. Fauchon café
7. Bank Muscat
8. Raymond Weil
9. Patek Philippe
10. Bulgari   
11. Qurum Jewelers
12. Eye Candy
13. Jean D’Arcel
14. Lalique
15. ROH Ticket office
16. Royal Oman Cuisine restaurant
17. The Omani Artisan House
18. Maathir Jewelry
19. Dar Optics
20. Majid Trading
21. Alessandro
22. WH Smith
23. Tamrah
24. Le Palais de Chocolate
25. The Indus Restaurant
26. Henry Jaques
27. Lladro
28. Ajmal
29. Raydan Boutique
30. Al Husn perfumes
31. Bait Muzana Gallery
32. Asmaa al Kharusi Collection
33. Panerai
34. Nawal al Hooti

The mall is open from 10am till 10pm, with food and beverage outlets open from 8am until midnight.

le fin.
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  1. Thanks for this.
    How strange to have WHSmith amongst that lot!

  2. 1 year delay, is for these part of the world, still on time :-)

  3. Bear in mind this is a 'soft' opening yet and was probably pushed for by the many tenants that were in situ and ready for business a couple of months ago (Sep1st I believe) when the mall management said they would be open.

  4. What happened to BICE?

  5. There was a disagreement between the franchise demanding that the guidelines on furniture and fittings was adhered to and the local partner wanting to use locally made shit. BICE walked.

  6. Richoux Cafe is one of the places opening today.
    Finally!! :D

  7. So WHSmiths for BiCE. That says a lot.

  8. I had lunch at More today- very nice. Lots of people in there already.

  9. The question is:

    Is it sustainable. Is there enough of a market in Muscat this?

    I mean, I can understand having a luxury watch shop in there, but individual watch brand shops? Nah, I don't think so.

    How is the luxury shopping mall in the Shangri La doing? Last time I went there it was half boarded up.
    Still the same?

  10. No- it's almost all boarded-up now!


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