Just a quickie: Tonight is Amarula Night

Tonight at the Safari Pub, there is a special Amarula promotion. Basically they are dishing out free shots of Amarula between 11pm and 1am tonight at the Safari, after then, it's RO 2.5 a shot. For those that don't know, Amarula is basically Baileys. Seeing as most people have holidays on Tuesday, that really only leaves 1 working day to battle through should you be hungover.....

Dont forget your drinking hats!

le fin.

Just a quickie: Tonight is Amarula Night Just a quickie: Tonight is Amarula Night Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, November 25, 2012 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

RO 2.5 a shot?!

It's good stuff though- better than Bailey's.

ScottM said...

Dear Anon, the stuff seems to be free between 11 and 1...a right bargain one would think

Anonymous said...

Scott- agree, and thanks to the Hyatt, but 2.5 is quite a bit for a shot you must admit!
Only 8.5 for a bottle in the offie!

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