This Tuesday Red Bull Stratos jump

After the massive success for Oman in hosting the recent Red Bull World Cliff Diving finals, the Red Bull team have been on to me again with something even more wacky than jumping off of a cliff in speedos.

This lunatic is going for 4 world records in one with his bid for bragging rights as the world bravest lunatic. If all goes to plan, about 4pm local time here in Oman on Tuesday 9th October, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner is going to ride a hot air balloon up to 120,000 feet (thats 36,576m).

Thats the first record.

Then, the next 2 records will come automatically assuming he jumps.... longest free-fall and free-fall from the highest altitude. And then this guy is going to try and go super-sonic for the final and 4th world record. Breaking the sound barrier by way of free-fall.

Red Bull gives you parachutes

I hope to be able to have the live stream here on my blog in case you want to watch it and you are at work, alternatively you can watch it live on MBC Action, and on the official website of this record breaking bid,

le fin.
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  1. I understand he takes off here, is he going to land here as well...? ...amusing he is not getting lost on an orbit...

  2. 4pm local time here, but not actually here.
    It's in the USA

  3. *chuckles at the thought of the medical chaos if it took place here and an accident happened*

  4. No, Oman's Red Bull team have nothing to do with this. None of it will take place in Oman, I think he is just referring to the time you can watch it online.


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